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Brand New: Living as God's New Creation


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In a day when more and more people are unfamiliar with the Bible and cautious of anything “church,” Brand New stands out in that it offers a new, refreshing guide to assist new believers in their first steps with Jesus. Its focus is not on predictable religion but on God’s profound offer of a real relationship with Him. Writing for those who have just begun their journey with Jesus or who have questions about who He is and what He offers, the author reveals vital keys to help the reader fully experience a forgiven, unshakeable, satisfying and purpose-filled life as God’s brand new creation. Les Beauchamp is the lead pastor at Lifegate Church in Omaha, Nebraska, where, along with his wife, Kris, he has served for over three decades. Lifegate is a multi-site church with seven campuses and a vision for a total of 40 in the next 40 years. Les’ heart burns with an endless passion to invite one person at time to discover the life of forgiveness, peace and purpose offered by Jesus alone. He is especially passionate about helping new followers of Jesus have the best start in their new relationship with God. Known for his relational communication style and ability to make the confusing understandable and the difficult doable, his writing reflects the same. College sweethearts, Les and Kris would say the highlight of their current life is enjoying their two grown children and their four grandchildren.

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